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Time to turn off my computer. 

Goodbye Tumblr for a month. 

m-l-m-h thank you!! i have a feeling if i need to communicate with anybody who doesn’t speak english i’m just going to pull out a sheet of paper with all my spanish written on it and just point to the stuff i need to say

m-l-m-h thank you!! i have a feeling if i need to communicate with anybody who doesn’t speak english i’m just going to pull out a sheet of paper with all my spanish written on it and just point to the stuff i need to say

:D thank you gitanaxxpunk

:D thank you gitanaxxpunk

Any Spanish speakers who are awake, I forgot to translate one more phrase before my flight tomorrow. How do I say: May I please borrow a telephone to call my friend?

Just in case. Thanks. I’d text you gitanaxxpunk but my phone service is dead for some reason.

gitanaxxpunk asked: I will teach you Spanish in exchange for yoga lessons :D

Siiii por favor 

Café Decay on hiatus for spring

This was a last-minute decision (as is almost every part of my Costa Rica trip planning process), but I decided not to renew my KUCi application for spring quarter since I will be gone intermittently throughout the quarter. Tomorrow I’m going away to Costa Rica for a month, and when I come back, I’m starting yoga teacher training with the amazing True Flow Yoga and getting drunk at the LA Vegan Beer Fest in May! Oh, and also looking for work so if you know of anything let me know.

This is a little scary, but definitely very exciting, since KUCI has been almost consistently a weekly part of my life for the past 4 years. But not too worry, this isn’t the last I will be around KUCI. I will likely sub for other shows throughout spring quarter, and if time permits and I feel like it, I’ll renew Café Decay for the summer quarter schedule.

¡Hasta luego! (practicing my español) 

she’s just not amused, we don’t know why!!

nogodsnomattresses asked: Sorry, I reblogged the sea cucumber post because my boyfriend and i were debating whether eating sea cucumbers was vegan or not while shopping in chinatown. I totally agree with you, vegan imperialism is the worst.

don’t worry i’m not offended by what you said, i think i was fishing for it in a way, but i kind of expected it to happen, although i was a little surprised by how easy it was to find



Why You Should Care That Sea Cucumbers Are Going Extinct

by Jason G. Goldman

Sea cucumbers are in trouble. Everyone knows about the problems that elephants and rhinos face due to poaching, that dolphins face due to drive hunts, and that sharks face when overzealous governments try to convince their constituents that they’re helping them avoid shark attacks. Sea cucumbers may not be as charismatic as their megafaunal counterparts, but they actually provide an important service for reef ecosystems.

They help to keep the sand in reef lagoons and seagrass beds fresh by turning them over, and by feeding on the dead organic matter that’s mixed in with the sand, the nutrients they excrete can re-enter the biological web by algae and coral. Without the sea cucumbers, that sort of nutrient recycling could not occur. It’s also thought that sea cucumbers help to protect reefs from damage due to ocean acidification. Feeding on reef sand appears to increase the alkalinity of the surrounding seawater.

The problem, according to a study conducted by Steven Purcell and Beth Polidoro, is that sea cucumbers are considered a luxury snack. As they explain at The Conversation, dried-out versions of the tropical species retail between $10 and $600 per kilogram in Hong Kong and on mainland China. There’s actually one species that is sold for $3000 per kilo, dried. Sea cucumbers are thought of as “culinary delicacies,” and often adorn the buffets of festival meals and are served at formal dinners…

(read more: animals.io9)

I’m getting really tired of asian countries endangering species for culinary indulgences and traditional “medicine”. Not that other countries don’t contribute, but jesus christ.

Ugh as soon as I read this I knew someone was going to point their fingers at Asian cultures and practices.

Sea cucumber endangerment is a serious ecological problem, but there’s no need to point fingers at Asia or shake your ignorant head at traditional practices that are foreign to you. Why don’t you start with how Western demand for soy and palm oil, for not even medicinal purposes but taste for cheap additives, are endangering every creature in the Sumatra and many other places?  Why don’t you point fingers at the Western demand for oil that has displaced millions and devastated hundreds of landscapes in South America and many other places? 

So I’m tired of ignorant Western fucks for judging what is ‘correct’ and what isn’t, frowning on practices like eating sea cucumber because it’s foreign, but exploiting the ones that are “acceptable”, i.e., the West has finally gotten around to recognizing the medicinal and health uses of Goji berries, turmeric, ginger, ginseng, teas, and hundreds of other herbs that have been used in the East for “medicine,” as you say, for centuries.

Yes, some Asian practices are extremely unsustainable and are endangering vital species, but so are many Western ones. So before you get on your high horse about who you can judge, take a look in the backyard of your own damn country. 

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youreawizzard asked: I like this song that's playing

ooh which one?

youreawizzard asked: I didn't know January Jones was into sharks. That's why she is so cold.


youreawizzard asked: Farewell ('til you get back) show (>‘o’)> Who is your amigo?

marladastrange's friends actually

Thank you :) we must hang out